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Innovation and Lean Management


Lean culture serving the territory

The Lean House is the CSMT initiative launched in 2015 to promote Lean culture and practices in local businesses.

Lean House goals are to:

• Promote the growth of lean culture on the territory

• Become a benchmark for lean culture on the territory

• Provide concrete solutions for increasing corporate capital productivity

• Designing and applying methodologies and tools to achieve optimal and lasting results

What we do

• Lean assessment for a quick analysis of the gap between the Excellency model and the current corporate status

• Lean management applications in the company: Reduction of setup times, lead time and inventory; Eliminating waste and dead times; Improving customer satisfaction

• Training of corporate staff

• Lean competence certification

• Organization of company visits and study tours

• Cultural awareness, such as workshops, events and conferences

• Networking of experts and young talents

Joining the Lean House you will get

• Access to the most exclusive services

• Business Lean Assessment

• Participation in working tables

• Free participation in CSMT training courses

• Results of research carried out by our university collaborators

• Meeting points between companies, Lean Management experts and young talents

• Participation in guided tours at excellent establishments in Italy and abroad

• Participation in conferences on Lean topics

• Economic Facilitations for Study Travels in Japan, Business Projects, Training and Certification of Skills

The CSMT DOJO, a  touch of Lean's hand

• Training and education

• Application cases

• Demonstrations

• Test and simulation

• Experimentation