Competence centres

High specialized training


High specialized training: to ensure competitiveness and efficiency

The mission of this centre is to respond as effectively as possible to the training needs of enterprises, providing users with specific technological and scientific expertise.


The education CSMT provides is related to:

- Thermoplastic

- Coatings

- Pressocolata

- Composites and Advanced Materials

- Management Processes

- Computerized processes

- Lean Manufacturing

- Profibus and Profinet networks.


The centre has proven and perfected training packages through daily and direct collaboration with consultants and industry leaders. This collaboration created standard and customized, mono and multi-business courses.


Teachers are university lecturers, consultants, executives who work with companies already starting from their first professional experiences and privileging practical training, direct communication and an easy-to-understand teaching method.


The close collaboration with the University of Brescia which bases its excellence on innovation, on the progress and integration of knowledge, ranging from the socio-cultural sphere to the one of health and medicine, to the legal, economic and engineering completes the CSMT's didactic skills by enabling a cutting-edge training offering and the ability to create training courses tailored to the specific needs of companies.


Within CSMT, workshops are available for training initiatives. A 'Dojo' is available: a real gym to apply the foundations of Lean philosophy.


Formative training in the field of pressed glass is supported by practical activities within the fusing centre of CSMT.