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Discover your innovative capacity

SAPr.AI, the Business Propagation Analysis to Innovation, is a web-based platform that, through a self-assessment questionnaire, allows analysis of its innovative skills and capabilities, in terms of entry level for a path Towards Industrial Excellence.

The questionnaire provides a set of questions that enables you to understand quickly and without wasting time in obtaining detail data as the company is efficient in its activities, from the procurement phase to the final product/service delivery stage without neglecting support activities such as those relating to human resources management and the role of technological development.



A simple, objective and effective tool for critical review of your skills and innovation needs, as well as showing weaknesses and strengths of your business structure.



What directions to follow to make a technological improvement by perfecting activities that require optimization.


Saprai will be the result of the collaboration between CSMT, BRESCIA EXPORT, RISE Laboratory - Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial and Easy - One Srl